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Irth Spray Perfume 100ml

AED 85.00
Orders (29)

The scent of the rich and intoxicating aroma of the Orient will captivate you. A decadent bouquet greets you with apples, peach, bergamot, cinnamon and more. While a gentle heart of jasmine, lily of the valley, and iris deliver a tempting allure. A s..

Mamnoon 100ml Spray Perfume

AED 20.00
Orders (10)

Charming you with its fresh and alluring aroma, Mamnoon is a sophisticated fragrance. It opens on a tangy tangerine and green tea note. The heart of cedarwood and jasmine adds a warm, floral touch. While it closes on an enduring trail of musk and ..

Touch Maroon 80ml Spray Perfume

AED 74.00
Orders (73)

Touch Maroon Perfume is a long-lasting and luxurious oriental woody fragrance from Nabeel. This perfume is a supremely popular unisex fragrance opening with effervescent bitter orange, Lemon, Jasmine, and it takes a sudden dive into the comforting ce..

Ustad 100ml Spray Perfume

AED 26.00
Orders (7)

Indulge in this light and classic fragrance of sparkling citrus notes with soft floral heart notes and a tough base of mossy woody notes.Fragrance NotesTop Notes:  Bergamot, Lemon, Basil.Middle Notes: Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Artemisia, ..

Black O Man 75ml Spray Perfume

AED 26.00
Orders (22)

This is a powerful fragrance with head notes of zesty citrus, heart notes of floral tones and base notes of strong woody notes.Fragrance NotesTop Notes :  BERGAMOT, CITRUS, ARTEMISIAMiddle Notes : FLORAL, JASMINE, YLANG-YLANG, ROSEWOOD, GARDENIA..


AED 30.00
Orders (24)

From out of the pages of legends stands Antar the warrior, tall and proud, indomitable and wise, serving as inspiration to millions. The unisex fragrance blends oriental and woody flavours with hints of apple, saffron and lavender with the bold influ..

Gold 24k Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
Orders (31)

Feel the touch of a fragrance so luxurious, it rivals liquid gold in its elegance. The fragrance possesses an unparalleled purity, priceless beyond description. Gold 24K is distilled from the fruity flavors of apricot and orange and blended with the ..

Dahn Al Oud Amiri 100ml Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
Orders (39)

A weary traveler was once captured by a desert sprite that refused to let him go. But there was a loophole of course that would grant the traveler his freedom. If the traveler could present the whole of Arabia in the sprite’s palm, he would have his ..